/ GLIDCAM 2000


CODE: GC 2000




I had an HD-2000 to test out but Glidecam also makes an HD-1000 and an HD-4000 for slightly smaller or larger cameras than mine. The first thing that struck me when I grabbed the individual parts from the box was how light they were. Obviously the counter-weights were?? weighty, but the rest of the Glidecam was beautifully machined and they have obviously made efforts to keep the weight down to a minimum without compromising the construction. Which is nice because you have to hold it all with one hand! With some simple assembly complete I excitedly attached my 5dMKII to the mounting plate on the top. Removing the top plate to mount the camera means unscrewing 4 different screws and dealing with several tiny washers. If you plan on taking the camera on and off the Glidecam a lot I would recommend investing in either the Manfrotto 577 rapid connector or the Manfrotto 357 quick release plate. Both of these will add the ability to keep a Manfrotto plate attached to the camera for quick and